For the glory of God and because people matter…

Great organizations always start with why and keep things simple. We exist because people matter and are loved by God and most importantly to bring Glory to God. That means that every decision we make is made with these two purposes in mind. This then leads us to embrace the mission that God has given both the church at large and our local church. Our mission is to reach those far from God, and help people grow closer to God and others. This looks a lot like the Great Commission and the Great Commandments. We hope to organize our programming in such a way that whether you are attending a women’s ministry event, a youth mission trip, or one of our small groups they will either equip you to grow closer in your relationship with God and your church family or advance God’s kingdom work through evangelism and social outreach.

There is nothing wrong with big campaigns, initiatives or building projects, but the growth of the church will ultimately lie in the maturity of the believers who attend. Your relationship with God, the unity you have with this body, and your strategic relationships at your work and in the neighborhoods God has placed you in are the primary fields for our mission work. That may be a little daunting but we believe and encourage our members to develop 4 Healthy Corporate Spiritual Habits:

The Bible encourages all believers to spend time reading the bible, prayer and developing an ongoing conversation with God through out our daily lives. Corporately we encourage each believer to make church attendance a priority. Come to learn, grow, serve, give and most importantly worship God together with His people. Second, is to attend a small group. Life is not meant to be lived alone. We need one another and all have different bents and personalities that make up the larger body of Christ. Community Matters at North Isanti Baptist Church. We also encourage every member at North to serve. Jesus came to serve not be served and we are to follow in his steps. We desire to equip each believer to find their giftedness and use it both in the church and the community to advance God’s purposes. Lastly, we encourage every member at North to take the 1% Challenge. We encourage every member at North to set aside 1% of their income every month to reach those far from God. Evangelism is a call given to every believer. The 1% challenge gives traction and intentionality to every believer’s evangelistic efforts. This is not money given to an organization that does evangelism. This is you personally paying the light bill for a single mom, taking a coworker out for lunch, giving a gift card to a young couple in desperate need of a date night, baking cookies for a neighbor, or keeping a stuffed animal in your purse to give to a sick child waiting nervously in the lobby at the doctor’s office. Growth will happen as we each do our part to reach this community for Christ.

We are a part of Converge World Wide (formerly the Baptist General Conference), a movement of churches working together to start and strengthen transformational churches worldwide.

History of North Isanti
Baptist Church

North is the second oldest Baptist church in the state of Minnesota and has a rich history of God’s faithfulness. To learn more click the link to go to our historical website.

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