Travis Blake

Lead Pastor

I’m very simple in my approach to ministry. Through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit my goal alongside Godly eldership is to foster an environment where this community grows in their relationship with God, their relationship with one another and has a heart bent towards impacting the community and the world in which they live. North Isanti, just like any other church, has a unique bent, make up and values. Intimacy with Christ and spiritual maturity will always result in sharing the heart of Christ for His world. This is not a compromise of the message or depth, but an invitation to join a group of imperfect people being made perfect by the grace of God through faith alone.

Education Background
I hold a Master’s of Transformational Leadership from Bethel Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Sterling College, Kansas.

My wife Aly and I have three children, Brennan, Audrey, and Malcom.

I love the outdoors, sports, and doing activities with my family.

Life is lived from the inside out. God is not seeking behavioral modification, but inward transformation.

Growth is Spiritual. It happens when our trust in God’s character is met with God’s power as we obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.


Dan Mulder

Associate Pastor of Leadership Development

As the Associate Pastor of Leadership Development, I have an honored opportunity to assist in building the culture of disciple making within communities of service and small groups. I am passionate about helping followers of Jesus discover their spiritual gifts and God-given strengths, help them find a community of service or small group to use those gifts, and support them in the work that God has impassioned them to do.

Education Background
I hold a Master’s of Biblical Counseling from Faith Bible Seminary in Lafayette, Indiana and a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling from Northland International University in Dunbar, Wisconsin.

Ministry Background
Bark River Bible Church – Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry and Worship (2006-2012).
Harvest Bible Chapel Columbus – Biblical Soul Care Pastor (2012-2015).

My wife Selena and I have four children: Logan, Boone, Hallie, and Tucker.

I enjoy backpacking, coffee, woodworking, and trail running.

Listening well is the key to understanding.

I can’t lead someone where I am not willing to go myself. I am not a travel agent; I am a tour guide.

Enter with grace so that I have an opportunity to speak the truth.